Window Fly Screens

Our window fly screens and insect screens (mesh) have mitred corners and a flat smooth face that make them unobtrusive and easy to clean.

The fly and insect screens can be fitted over many different types of windows and openings to protect against flies, bees, wasps, midges and other flying insects.

On all our window fly/insect screens a variety of mesh materials and weave sizes can be fitted to suit individual requirements.

All window fly/insect screens are powder coated and are available in white or brown.

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fly screens | hinged flyscreen / insect screen
Hinged fly screens

Strong durable aluminium framed fly/insect screens. Designed specifically for industrial/commercial use.

fly screens | Sliding flyscreen / insect screen
Sliding fly screens

Can be fitted on the internal face of the wall, on the corner of the window reveal or sit inside the window reveal as required.

fly screens | flyscreen / insect screen on a sub frame
Screens on a sub frame

Each screen has a built in nylon brush pile in the back that crushes against the sub-frame to form the perfect seal.

fly screens | centre pivot flyscreen / insect screen
Centre pivot fly screens

One fly/insect screen is secured to the top half of the window externally while the other is secured to the bottom half internally.

For measurement and installation of flyscreens: Area's we cover include.