Chain & Mesh Curtain Fly Screens

Chain Curtains (chain door fly/insect screens) are made from anodised aluminium links that will not rust. Our chain curtains are available in silver, red, blue, green, black, gold and bronze. They remain a cheap alternative for screening domestic and commercial premises, providing protection against flies, bees, wasps and flying insects.

Our Mesh Curtain is made up from individual 200mm wide tough polyester strips. Each strip is held straight with a thick soft rubber weight.

The mesh curtain is a cheaper alternative to a screen door and is ideally suited to the rear openings of the smaller shop or business and protects against flies, bees, wasps, midges and other flying insects.

We recommended you use the mesh curtain for openings up to 2100 x 2100mm only.

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fly screens | hinged flyscreen / insect screen
Chain Curtain

Door chain curtains are suitable for front and rear door openings on domestic premises.

standard flyscreen door / standard insect screen door
Mesh Curtain

Mesh strips are hooked onto a stainless steel top track and hang down to approximately 25mm from the floor making removal at the end of the day a simple task.

For local fly screen measurement and installation: Area's we cover include.